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Divion of Industrial Electricity

Division overview

The Division of Industrial Electricity is responsible for managing and teaching modules in the basic knowledge of undergraduate training including Electrical Circuits and Electrical Engineering, Measurement and Sensory Engineering, Engineering and Technology analog and digital circuitry; programming skills, practical skills in electrical installation; and technical problems solving skill and effectively applying scientific research results in production and real life.

Address: Room 514, A7 building, Campus 1, Hanoi University of Industry

Divion of Industrial Electricity

Dr. Tran Thuy Van - Head of Division

Phone: 0987871888. Email: vant@haui.edu.vn

Divion of Industrial Electricity

Dr. Ninh Van Nam - Deputy Head of Division

Phone: 0912485051. Email: ninhvannam@haui.edu.vn

The Division of Industrial Electricity consists of two main professional groups:

- Electrical Circuits group is responsible for managing and teaching the following modules: Circuit 1, Circuit 2, Linear Circuit, Nonlinear and Transient Circuits, Electrical Engineering, Basic Electrical Practice.

- Microchips and Measurements group is responsible for managing and teaching modules as follows: Measurement and sensor engineering, Analog and digital circuits, C and C++ programming techniques, Analog circuit engineering, basic digital circuits.

Science and Technology:

In addition to teaching tasks, the division also presides over and participates in many scientific research projects at all levels to solve key problems in science and technology in the Electrical Industry. Up to now, our lecturers has published more than 50 articles, implemented more than 20 science and technology projects at all levels (including chairing and participating). Every year, the Faculty's teaching staff guides more than 100 students to participate in scientific research; supports students to participate in the Robocon contest organized by Vietnam Television and many other science and technology activities.

Some typical works of the Division published in the last 5 years:

Tran Van Thuy, YaoNan Wang, Ao Hung Linh, Truong Khac Tung, Sliding Mode Control Based on Chemical Reaction Optimization and Radial Basis Functional Link Net for De-Icing Robot Manipulator, Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control, 137(5): 051009 (16 pages), 2015 (ISI)

Thuy Van Tran & Yao Nan Wang, An evolutionary extreme learning machine based on chemical reaction optimization, Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences, 38:8, 1265-1290, 2017

Nam V. Ninh, Thinh H. Pham, Top V. T, A Method to Improve Lightning Performance of Transmission Lines in High Footing Resistance Areas, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 1, no. 1, July 2017, pp. 761 – 764

Ninh Van Nam, Nguyen Manh Quan, Tran Van Top, Application of lightning protection valves on 110 kV compact lines, Science & Technology Magazine, Hanoi University of Industry, vol. 56, No. 2, 2020

Cuong Nguyen Cong, Nghia Nguyen Anh, Chuong Trinh Trong, Nghien Nguyen Ba, Tuning Pi Controller Bases on Chemical Reaction Optimization Algorithm, American Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volume 3, Issue 1, Pages: 46-52, 2019

NX Quynh, WY Nan, VT Yen, A novel robust adaptive control using RFWNNs and backstepping for industrial robot manipulators with dead-zone, Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems 98 (3), 679-692, 2020

Pham Thi Hong Hanh, Tran Thi Hong Tham, Dang Dinh Chung, Developing a control method for FOC-IM powered by an H-bridge multi-level inverter connecting the spatial vector modulation stage with the desired number of levels, Journal of Science and Technology. Technology - Hanoi University of Technology, 4-2021

Hoang Thi Thu Giang, Wang xiao hong, et.al, UsingFractional-order PIlDm Controller to Control Three-phase Parallel Pulses Width Modulation (PWM) Rectifier, Techniques of Automation and Applications journal, Vol 37, No.1, P4-9, 2018.

Hoang Thi Thu Giang, Wang xiao hong, et.al, Circulation Analysis and Suppression Technology of Parallel Inventer System, Techniques of Automation and Applications journal, Vol 37, No.2, P83-88,2018.

Ninh Van Nam, Nguyen Manh Quan, Surveying and designing a direct and transmitted lightning protection system at the 3 campuses of Hanoi University of Industry, 6/2018 - 6/2019

Main research directions of the Division:

- Applied Research in Measurement and Sensory Engineering

- Research and application of Analog and Digital Circuit Engineering

- Research and application of lighting and power supply engineering in industry

- Research on the application of optimization algorithms in Electrical Engineering

- Research and application of robots in industry

- Research and application of IoT technology and artificial intelligence (AI)

- Research and application of lightning protection system on transmission lines

- Study on control application of three-phase rectifier