Division of Thermal Engineering

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Division of Thermal Engineering

Division overview

Division of Thermal Engineering is responsible for providing undergraduate training with deep and broad knowledge of skills in installation, operation, repair, analysis, calculation, design, systems and refrigeration equipment and transfer technology to meet the requirements of the period of industrialization and modernization of the country and international integration.

Division of Thermal Engineering

MA. Pham The Vu - Head

Phone: 0963576868. Email: vupt@haui.edu.vn

Division of Thermal Engineering

Dr. Nguyen Vu Linh - Deputy Head

Phone: 0905266696. Email: linh.nv@haui.edu.vn

The Thermal Engineering division consists of three main groups:

Ventilation and Air Conditioning (modules: Heat Transfer; Heat - Refrigeration Materials; Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering; Basic Refrigeration Practice; Civil Air Conditioning Practice; Design) ventilation and air-conditioning systems; PLC applications in refrigeration systems)

Industrial refrigeration (modules: Refrigeration Technology; Heat and cold safety; Pumps, fans, compressors; Operation and repair of refrigeration machines and equipment; Automation of refrigeration systems); Design of cold storage; Practice of industrial refrigeration; Practice of electrical equipment of industrial refrigeration system; Application of PLC in refrigeration system)

Drying systems and boilers ( modules: Technical thermodynamics; Heat exchangers; Drying techniques; Boilers and heat networks; Heat measurement; Industrial furnaces; Operation; Boilers and pressure equipment)

Training program:


Thermal engineering technology



Form of training:


Total credits:

145 credits

Average training time

4 years (8 semesters)

Graduates can work at:

Construction and installation contractors, with the role of consulting, design, supervision, construction of heating and air conditioning systems;

Factories manufacturing and assembling equipment, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems

Electromechanical parts of office buildings, hotels, supermarkets, ports, airports, commercial centers, breweries, wineries, beverage factories, agricultural processing and storage plants , Seafood, …;

Representative offices, companies specializing in the distribution and warranty of equipment in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning systems;

Energy consulting, monitoring, testing and auditing units;

Technical management department at corporations, companies, manufacturing plants, industrial parks, office buildings, commercial centers...;

State agencies, foreign companies as technical managers, technical specialists;

Research institutes, universities, colleges and training institutions related to the field of thermal engineering technology.

Scientific and Technological activities:

In addition to teaching tasks, the Division also presides over and participates in many scientific research projects at all levels to solve key problems in science and technology in thermal engineering technology. Up to now, the lecturers of the division have published 05 articles, implemented 15 science and technology projects at all levels (including chairing and participating). Every year, the lecturers guide 10-20 students to participate in scientific research and the vocational skills competitions organized by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs (Winning First Prize at National level, Bronze medal in ASEAN region and Certificate at World Skills Competition 2019) and many other scientific and technological activities.

Some typical works of the Division published in the last 5 years:

Nguyen Duc Nam, “Number simulation of two evaporator heat pump systems used in freeze-drying”, Journal of Science and Technology

Nguyen Duc Nam, "Research, design and manufacture heat pump drying system for drying agricultural products and food", Science and Technology Project of Hanoi University of Industry

Nguyen Duc Nam, "Effect of microwave heating time and temperature on the kinetics of turmeric drying by heat pump combined with microwave in Vietnam". Science and Technology Magazine

А. В. Дмитриев, В. Э. Зинуров, О. С. Дмитриева, Ву Л. Нгуен. "Улавливание мелкодисперсных твердых частиц из газовых потоков в прямоугольных сепараторах", Вестник Иркутского государственного технического университета, 2018.

А. В. Дмитриев, В. Э. Зинуров, О. С. Дмитриева, В.Л. Нгуен, "Эффективность прямоугольного сепаратора в зависимости от оформления элементов внутри аппарата". Вестник Казанского государственного энергетического университета, 2018.

А.В Дмитриев, В.Э Зинуров, О.С Дмитриева, Ву Л.Нгуен, "Очистка газовых выбросов котельных установок от твердых частиц". Известия высших учебных заведений. Проблемы энергетики, 2020.

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The research direction of the Division:
- Design and manufacture of drying equipment;
- Use energy efficiently and save;
- Advanced Refrigeration and Air Conditioning;
- Robots and automation in cold storage Logistics;
- Layered refrigeration system - application in vaccine storage;
- Dust filtration technology in thermal power plants.